by Ian Dogole & Hemispheres

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The name Hemispheres reflects the wide range of musical styles and disparate indigenous influences that shape our music. While the wide-ranging music on this recording can be conveniently classified as Jazz, due to the preponderance of improvisation and Jazz-based song forms, the listener will quickly note the infusions of African, South American, Middle Eastern and Asian flavors and instruments that permeate the proceedings.

The title Convergence dovetails with the group name Hemispheres to convey the myriad intersections that enable us to superimpose our Jazz sensibilities over traditional pieces from Turkey (Hijaz Oyun Havasi) and Brazil (Mistura e Manda), as well as to present the steel pan-inspired, melodic percussion instrument, the hang, as the cornerstone of a multi-episodic composition (Smiles for Billy) dedicated to the late, legendary drummer Billy Higgins.


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