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Marin IJ CD Review – "Outside the Box"

Marin IJ CD Review "Outside the Box"

Jazztimes CD Review – "Ionospheres"

Jazztimes CD Review "Ionospheres"

Latin Jazz Network CD Review –       "Outside the Box"

Latin Jazz Network CD Review –       "Outside the Box" CD Review – "Crossroads" CD Review "Crossroads"

All Music Guide CD Review – "Convergence"

All Music Guide CD Review "Convergence"


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Outside the Box

"Many cities are historically important to Jazz – NYC, Chicago, New Orleans, and Detroit – but Philadelphia is up there too, as a great incubator of musical talent. Along with John Coltrane, Uri Caine, Philly Joe Jones (obviously), and countless others, add percussionist Ian Dogole to the list of excellent Philly-bred musicians. Dogole has long been working at a fusion of jazz and world music (what used to be called 'ethnic music') and now his latest opus, his eighth as a leader, is a mammoth exploration – and celebration – of the intersections of Jazz and World Music boulevards." 

                                                                           – Mark Keresman, Jazz Inside Magazine, August 2013





"The album is like a heady infusion of exotic, aromatic teas from the far-flung corners of the world like South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I felt a little like Marco Polo must have felt on his epic adventures, not knowing quite what to expect over the next mountain or river, but being utterly enthralled by what he found."  

Hadley Titus, Jazz Rendezvous (South Africa), January 2007

Cadence Magazine CD Review

Night Harvest

"Percussion-driven and with strong doses of improvisation, the music of Ian Dogole (on " is an especially satisfying blend of Jazz chops and compositions with a world music sensibility."    

Stuart Kremsky, Cadence Magazine, November 2002 CD Review

Night Harvest

"If John Coltrane were alive and recording today, he'd likely be producing music in this idiom, combining jazz with world beat and Middle Eastern melodies, further pushing the boundaries to new ways of listening." 

Michael Handler,, February 2003

DRUM! Magazine CD Review


"While Dogole proves himself to be an impressive all-around percussionist, this writer was knocked out by his work on mbira - African thumb piano - on which he improvises lyrical arpeggios and melodies like few others have."    

Jack Lohman, DRUM! September, 1996

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