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Ian Dogole & René Jenkins

  • Munay Farm Petaluma, CA (map)

Two adventurous musical spirits who delight in the here and now. Over the last few years, percussionist Ian Dogole and master multi-instrumentalist and sound healer René Jenkins ( have developed a symbiotic chemistry that knows no bounds. Their musical forays are deeply rooted in the ancestral indigenous music cultures of the Americas, Africa and beyond and when combined with their irrepressible spirit of adventure, the result is a sonic feast for the senses and an uplifting, healing experience that is transformational. Be prepared for a thrilling, uplifting and joyous musical journey.

  • Ian Dogole – udu, kalimbas, hang, djembe, talking drum, bells and shakers

  • René Jenkins – Native American, Zapotec and Mayan drone flutes, didjeridu, antara (Andean pan flute), djembe and assorted bowls, bells and rattles

View a video of Ian Dogole & René Jenkins here.

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