Music Programs in the Schools – Over 60,000 Students Served

Over the last 30 years, music educator and internationally acclaimed recording artist Ian Dogole has presented a vast array of educational programs to more than 60,000 students in the San Francisco Bay Area through organizations such as the San Francisco Symphony (AIM Program), the Marin Arts Council, Youth in Arts, Young Imaginations and Young Audiences of the Bay Area.

Ian at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA

Whether presenting educational assemblies on world percussion, percussion master classes to smaller groups or customized jazz and world music appreciation curricula in schools, Ian is always eager to share his wisdom, passion, enthusiasm and knowledge in any educational environment.

Music of Our World

Adventures in Global Fusion Music is an educational program designed to open up the minds and hearts of students to the diverse music cultures from around the globe. Utilizing a custom-tailored approach to every unique environment, Ian incorporates a variety of teaching formats, including school assemblies, lecture/demonstrations, workshops and residencies (for performing ensembles and music appreciation classes), so that students can gain valuable insights into the instruments, traditions and cultural contexts that form the backbone of world music and jazz.

In all of his presentations, Ian demonstrates his arsenal of indigenous percussion instruments from Africa, South America and the Middle East. In the classroom and workshop formats, Ian invites students to try out the instruments so they can have a more tactile experience, touching the materials, hearing the sounds and feeling the vibrations up close.

In music appreciation classes, Ian surveys indigenous music cultures from around the globe, from China to Afghanistan to Senegal to Uruguay and everywhere in between. Ian also traverses the history of jazz from its inception through current trends. Jazz pioneers such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk and others are examined in depth with the goal of demystifying the evolution of this truly American musical form. Underlying all presentations is a message of respect for all cultures and tolerance for different belief systems.

Teaching Highlights (2010 – 2019)

2010 – Ian and his ensemble WorldPlay presented assemblies to more than 15,000 third- through fifth-grade students throughout the San Francisco Public School District as part of the San Francisco Symphony’s Adventures in Music program. The quartet performed jazz pieces using traditional instruments as well as indigenous instruments from China, Africa, the Middle East and Brazil. Audience participation was a key component of the presentations.

2011 – Ian commenced a 3-year Adventures in World Music program at Redwood High School in Larkspur, CA. Year One covered the music cultures of East, South and Southeast Asia plus Indonesia. Ian’s highly acclaimed “World/Jazz” ensemble Hemispheres also performed on-campus, with select Redwood music students joining the band on-stage. Ian also presented a wide variety of music programs to K-12 students at St. Mark’s School, Marin Horizon School, Tomales Elementary School, Tomales High School, Miller Creek Middle School and Tamalpais High School.

2012 – Year Two at Redwood focused on the music of the Silk Road, the Middle East and Africa. Ian also directed an Improv World Jazz Ensemble at Redwood and at the Marin School for the Arts.

2013 – Year Three at Redwood covered the migration of the Roma (Gypsies) from Rajasthan through Turkey, Eastern Europe and Western Europe. The itinerary then shifted to South America with a focus on African-rooted traditions and the Caribbean. Ian also presented a 4-week program at Tomales High School on the rhythms of Peru, the Middle East and Africa.

2015 – Ian taught a 4-week program for the Osher Life Learning Institute (OLLI) at Dominican University entitled Musical Traditions Around The GlobeA Video-based Musical Travelogue of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. This program received glowing remarks and high scores from the attendees.

2016 – Ian returned to Tomales High School to present a series of lecture/demonstrations on the music, rhythms and instruments of Africa.

2018 – Ian worked with developmentally disabled students at Redwood High School as part of the Arts Unite Us program under the direction of Youth In Arts.

2019 – Ian is currently teaching Pre-K - 2nd-grade students at San Pedro Elementary School in San Rafael through Young Imaginations.


 “The Music Department of Redwood High was fortunate enough to have had percussionist and ethnomusicologist Ian Dogole present a 9-week course on the music of Asia – traversing all the countries from China through India, plus a “world jazz” component. This was an extremely well-conceived course of study that not only opened the eyes of our students to the “other” non-western music in the world, but provided inspiration, joy and reference to the interconnectedness of people and their sometimes misunderstood music. This was an amazing journey through the music of our planet … and we didn’t even get to all of the continents!!! I strongly recommend Ian Dogole to come into any school, at any level … and provide his insight and masterful historical music instruction."  

– John Mattern, Music Director, Redwood High School

We hired Ian for four world music sessions to augment our band program. Each session focused on a particular region of the world. Ian came to us with knowledge, passion, talent and remarkable experience. He began each lesson with a map of the region, then moved onto video clips of music from the region and then delivered amazing demonstrations of the instruments. Each class culminated in a group musical experience where students jammed together on the various instruments. Ian's exceptional passion, knowledge and warm personality enabled students to easily connect with him and the subject. Ian was punctual and prepared for every session. He understands the obstacles of a public school music program and is easy to work with. I highly recommend Ian Dogole as a guest artist for your school music program."

– Tami Pallingston, Music Director, Tomales High School

Private Instruction

Are you a drummer looking to take your skills to the next level? Or do you just want to have fun playing drums and percussion with your friends? No matter what level, age or objective, internationally acclaimed percussionist / recording artist Ian Dogole will help guide you through a fun and creative learning experience that will deliver dramatic results in the following areas:

·  Rhythmic consistency – ability to keep solid time and support other players

·  Improvisational ability – create on the fly with confidence and a sense of adventure

·  Tone creation ­– ability to maximize your “sound palette” and get the most out of every note

·  Confidence – Your growth in all the areas noted above coupled with Ian’s support and encouragement will breed more self-assurance in your playing.

 “Ian Dogole is one of the most engaging, connected teachers I have observed.

– John Mattern, Redwood High Music Director

Ian has shared the wonders of percussion instruments from Africa, the Middle East and South America with over 60,000 students in the Bay Area. Now you can study your favorite percussion instruments privately with Ian in his Mill Valley music studio.


  • Brown University – BA in Classics; concentration in Ethnomusicology

  • Villanova University – MA in Classical Languages

  • Stanford University – Additional graduate work in Classics

  • Golden Gate University – Partial completion of MBA in International Business


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