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Ian Dogole & Hemispheres In Concert (DVD)

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Price: $10

This DVD is free with the purchase of Outside the Box and Convergence CDs.

On May 23, 2003, the Marin Jazz Arts Society and the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce presented Ian Dogole & Hemispheres in concert at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, California.

The performance on this DVD reveals the magic that was "caught in a bottle" that night by multipercussionist Ian Dogole, 2-time Grammy Award nominee Paul McCandless, on woodwinds, Sheldon Brown on woodwinds, and Bill Douglass on double bass and Chinese bamboo flute.

Bay Area filmmaker Jamie Campana, of FilmCamp Films has crafted an engaging portrayal of an enchanting concert event plus a multi-dimensional behind-the-scenes glimpse into what makes the music of Ian Dogole & Hemispheres so unique.

Ian Dogole & Hemispheres deconstruct and re-energize compositions as diverse as John Coltrane's "Equinox," Hijaz Oyun Havassi,"  a traditional Turkish piece and a free improvisation featuring the hang (a stunning creation based on the Caribbean steel pan), entitled "Smiles for Billy," dedicated to the late legendary Jazz drummer Billy Higgins.


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