Ian Dogole Presents Benefit Concert for Bread & Roses at the Throckmorton Theatre.

A portion of the proceeds were allocated to programs supporting programs for at-risk children.

On July 13th, 2019, Ian Dogole, recording artist, bandleader, percussionist and long-time Bread & Roses volunteer, presented a special concert to help Bread & Roses Presents expand its programs for disadvantaged children from high-risk neighborhoods, many of whom are homeless or from immigrant families or single-parent households.

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Attendees were treated to a musical program that featured the ancestral sound journeys of indigenous pan-American flutes, Vietnamese jaw harp and didgeridu of René Jenkins with African drums and melodic percussion of Ian Dogole … to the soaring, stellar voice of Deborah Winters … to the spell-binding voice and uplifting saxophones of Richard Howell … to an original composition by Ian Dogole on East-African kalimba that celebrated orca whales … to fresh interpretations of compositions by Thelonious Monk, Wayne Shorter, Randy Weston and Leon Thomas, featuring luminous Bay Area improvisers Frank Martin on piano, Fred Randolph on double bass and Eric Golub on viola.

 It was a magical evening in support of a truly heroic organization – Bread & Roses Presents.

Ian Dogole Receives Grant from InterMusic SF for Musical Tribute to Pharoah Sanders.

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Ian Dogole received a grant award from InterMusic SF (formerly San Francisco Freinds of Chamber Music) for "Karma – A Musical Tribute to Pharoah Sanders." This project's mission was to share the uplifting and vibrant music from saxophonist Pharoah Sanders’ Impulse! period (1966-1973) and Theresa Records period (early ‘80s).

The tribute concert took place on Saturday evening, September 22nd at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA.

The performance featured pieces from a number of Sanders’ epic recordings from Impulse!, including “The Creator Has a Master Plan” (Karma), “Thembi” (Thembi) , “Astral Traveling” (Thembi) and “The Healing Song” (Live at the East). and from Theresa Records, including “Sun Song” (Shukuru), “Farah” (Rejoice) and “You’ve Got to Have Freedom” (Journey to the One).

This was Dogole’s fourth grant award from SFFCM, with previous projects including “Beyond All Limits,” which honored the musical legacy of trumpeter/composer Woody Shaw (2009), “Shorter Moments,” which paid tribute to saxophonist/composer Wayne Shorter (2011) and “Afro-Weston,” which honored the Afro-centric compositions of the late pianist/composer Randy Weston.  

Here is a link to the event -…/karma-a-musical-tribute-…/


  • Ian Dogole – udu, djembe/floor tom, talking drum, kalimba, balafon, misc. percussion, vocals

  • Richard Howell – tenor / soprano saxophone, lead vocals

  • Frank Martin – piano

  • Sheldon Brown - alto / soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, flute

    Fred Randolph – double bass

  • Deszon Claiborne – drum set, percussion

  • Avotcja – poetry, misc. percussion


Ian Works with Special Needs Students at Redwood High School

Redwood High School AUU Class.jpg

In early 2018, Ian worked in two special needs classes at Redwood High School as part of Youth In Arts' "Arts Unite Us" program. This was a powerful experience as Ian got to witness the healing and transformative power of music on students with disabilities.took

"This was a life-changing experience for me," said Ian. "Little by little, I was able to witness the subtle impacts of my playing on these students and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to share music with them. I also bore witness to the heroic contributions of the teachers, nurses and assistants who give so much of themselves to these students every day; they are truly amazing!"




The "Mystic Rivers" Project

Paul Miller

Paul Miller

Over the last two years Ian has had the pleasure of co-producing, co-composing and playing on singer/songwriter Paul Miller's epic "Rivers" project, which pays homage to the ancient rivers across the planet. The project is intended to evoke the spirits of these sacred waterways and to raise awareness of the need to protect them against the ever-encroaching scourge of greedy,  short-sighted corporate interests. Robert Powell is engineering, co-producing and playing a vast array of guitars and bass. In addition to Paul Miller on guitars and vocals, Ian is featured on hand drums, melodic percussion, cymbals and miscellaneous percussion. Guest artists include vocalist Deborah Winters, woodwind virtuoso Paul McCandless, pianist Dan Zemelman and bassist Dan Feiszli.

Stay tuned for updates on this project.



Ian Dogole’s “Afro-Weston” Project Earns 2015 San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music Musical Grant Program Award

Randy Weston

Multipercussionist/bandleader/recording artist Ian Dogole was awarded a 2015 San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music (SFFCM) grant for his project entitled “Afro-Weston,” a musical tribute concert that featured new arrangements of pianist/composer Randy Weston's Afro-infused compositions, with a focus on pieces that blend Gnawa instruments and musical approaches into a Jazz-oriented context. The concert took place at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA on March 19, 2016.

 The collaborators on this project were:

  • Ian Dogole – dumbek (pan-Arabic goblet drum), African talking drum, kalimba (East African thumb piano), cajon (Afro-Peruvian box drum), hang (Swiss steel pan-inspired, melodic percussion instrument), floor tom, cymbals and shakers

  • Yassir Chadly – gimbri (Moroccan 3-string bass lute), oud, qarqabas (Moroccan hand cymbals) and vocals

  • Dan Feiszli – double bass

  • Frank Martin – piano

  • Paul McCandless – woodwinds

  • Dave Tidball – woodwinds

The Weston compositions that were performed came from three transcendent recordings that document the power and spirit of his blending of indigenous music from other cultures into a Jazz-centric ensemble and approach – “The Spirits of Our Ancestor” (1991), “Saga” (1995) and “Khepera” (1998). Weston pieces included “Blue Moses,” “The Healers” and “The Gathering.” 

Afro-Weston Band at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA (Photo by Paul Miller)

Afro-Weston Band at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA (Photo by Paul Miller)

“For over 50 years, Randy Weston has most eloquently and elegantly fused the indigenous music traditions of the African sub-continent into his voluminous output of Jazz compositions,” said Dogole. “His seven-year residency in Morocco and frequent use of Gnawa musicians from Morocco in his performances and recordings speak to his deep affection for this music from the Sahara and its role in his music. The fact that he is so under-acknowledged for his prodigious contributions to the music over such a long period of time is a driving force in my desire to share his musical legacy with as many listeners as possible. I am so grateful to SFFCM for providing me with a platform to honor Randy Weston’s cross-cultural approach to adventurous improvisational music.”


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