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Night Harvest

by Ian Dogole

Physical copies of this title are no longer available.

Digital downloads of this title are available at CD Baby.

Imagine Thelonious Monk's Bemsha Swing performed with cajon (Peruvian box drum), double bass and four horns. Or McCoy Tyner's Message from the Nile, featuring the oud (Egyptian lute), voice and tar (frame drum) of world-renowned Nubian master Hamza El Din. Or a tribute to the late basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain that dances to the beat of African talking drums. This is the spirit that permeates the music of Night Harvest (Global Fusion Music) by San Francisco Bay Area multipercussionist Ian Dogole. Merging myriad elements of Jazz with multi-ethnic colors and flavors, Night Harvest is an adventurous aural journey, not constrained by preexisting formulae.


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